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Brand Name(s): Robaxin; Robaxisal
CAS nº: 532-03-6
(meth oh kar' ba mole)

What is Methocarbamol?

Methocarbamol is a muscle relaxant that exerts its effect by acting on the central nervous system (ie the nerves that control the muscles) rather than on the muscles themselves.

This medicine can be used in any condition where painful muscle spasms should be reduced for patient comfort (intervertebral disc disease, for example) but it is also considered the treatment of choice for metaldehyde (snail bait) poisoning, a condition causing severe muscle twitching. Methocarbamol is also used in the treatment of tetanus (which is characterized by muscle rigidity) and strichnine poisoning (characterized by stiffness and seizuring).

Robaxin®, Robaxacet®, and Robax Platinum®  are trade names for methocarbamol. It is structurally related to guaifenesin. 

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